Computer Security

Data Encryption Project: qbt Systems (now Corillian)

(Funded by NSF-PFI) The results of the CISDD project will enhance the company’s existing solution, which is used by financial institutions, core data processors, and financial services providers to integrate banking applications. "qbt Systems, now Corillian, has had a long relationship with CISDD in collaborative development efforts," said Guido Belcic, vice president of development for Corillian's Community Banking Solutions. "CISDD Ph.D. candidates placed on development teams with staff engineers gain invaluable experience developing commercial software, where they can apply academic theory into practice under the tutelage of professional software engineers. Our engineers not only benefit from the fresh perspective the interns bring, but they also enjoy their roles as mentors, which leads to a healthy exchange of ideas. There is also the added benefit of having access to experts in the field of Computer Science, such as Kent Boklan, that CISDD makes available. I look forward to working with CISDD on future projects."
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